Halo Designs compliments individual beauty by using lifestyle, face shape, bone structure, and personal style as foundations for design and color.


Halo Designs

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Salon Owner Charlene Bancel brings education and inspiration from around the world to Halo Designs. She has traveled to receive advanced education at Top Schools such as Vidal Sassoon, Bumble & Bumble, Tony & Guy, Goldwell, and Redken 5th. Ave.
During her career she has worked educating hairdressers in the Northwest, and has gone on to win national recognition and contests with her work as a photo stylist.



Hair Design. From contemporary classic, to the most creative cuts and colors.We  design hairstyles and colors that fit the individual.



Established in 2004
Halo Designs is a Boutique Salon specializing in hair design, located in the up and coming Uptown Village area of Vancouver, Washington.




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"Charlene Bancel has been cutting and coloring my hair for many years.  I don't drive and it takes me about an hour by bus to reach her.  It's definitely worth the trouble.  If I had to fly, I'd probably consider it (seriously).  The reason is that I have extremely difficult hair.  
When I say my hair is difficult, I mean REALLY difficult.  Charlene tells me I'm probably one of the three toughest clients with which she's ever worked.  And she LOVES that.  Charlene is the consummate artist and craftsman.  She enjoys a challenge and continuously studies the industry, trends, and her craft.  She's also always exploring new product lines and making sure she's using the very best tools she can find.
To understand why I've been with her so long, you need a little background.  Over twenty years ago I was asked to model in a runway salon show for TIGI (Tony & Guy).  A hotshot celebrity stylist was coming into Portland to educate local stylists.  At the time (again, over 20 years ago) this guy was charging $200 for a hair cut in Texas.  He met with me before the show and checked out my hair.  Later he took me on stage and started to work.  As soon as he started, he realized he'd made a huge mistake.  My hair had all sorts of tricky little turns and kinks, not to mention really jumpy bangs.  Despite all of his skill, there was no way he was going to be able to pull off a successful geometric cut on stage.  He was (literally) sweating and so he faked it.  He talked fast, used a lot of product, and hoped no one would notice.  It later took the salon at least four hours to correct the damage.
For years that salon used me as a kind of challenge.  They would consistently spend between three and four hours just cutting my hair.  My hair was a gauntlet that new hires would dread and eventually, after enough time on the job, run through (usually with limited success).  Eventually Charlene was hired and began cutting my hair.  She did it so well that she actually won first prize in a national contest with a photo of her work on me.  (Of course no one viewing that photo had any idea what an achievement it was.)  Later when she was being tested as an instructor, she chose me as her model (an act of extreme bravery, but a fabulous demonstration of her skill).
Not surprisingly,  Charlene now has her own salon and, of course, I've followed her there.  I'd follow her anywhere.  I wouldn't let anyone else attempt this hair cut, unless it was someone whom she had personally trained.
Sometimes it seems a little silly to go so far out of my way for something as seemingly insignificant as a haircut.  But I spend just a few minutes on it each morning (because it's so skillfully done) and I rarely leave the house without getting a comment.  I get compliments from men, women, even (weirdly) homeless guys.  And the compliments keep coming, even on my way into the salon to get my next cut.  (That's a real testament to the precision with which it's cut.)  Even stylists stop me to tell me that they're really impressed with whomever is cutting it.  I have to admit that's pretty addictive.
Bottom line?  Charlene is a very serious, very skilled stylist.  And if you're looking for a really precise geometric cut, the kind that very few stylists can pull off, you can absolutely trust her.  Give her a try.  Just stay out of my slot.  I'm booking her for the next forty years."
-Wendy Ice, client

"I have been going to Charlene at Halo Designs for over a year now and I could not be happier! I love the fact that I can just trust Charlene to do what she thinks is best for my hair! Happy every time! She is capable of doing anything you want but what I appreciate is her honesty. She is amazing! Look no further if you need a new stylist! Call Charlene today you will be happy you did!"

-Heidi Combs, Client

"Best haircut I've ever had. And the color is EXACTLY what I asked for. Love it. Thanks Amber!"

-Rachel Cook, Client

"Great service, skilled designers!! Friendly, comfortable clean environment!! All employes are great, Amber did my hair!! She is great at what she does!! I can't stop playing with my hair!! Her feed back was great on color, cut and care!! All the stylists work together and support each other!! Love to see such a positive skilled and educational environment!!" 

-Jenell Iorg, Client

"I wish I could upload a picture of what my hair looked like when I came in here. I let a friend attempt to highlight my hair and she gave me pumpkin orange chunky stripes all throughout. I was soooo embarrassed. I went into Halo Designs praying I wouldn't have to shave my head and Charlene went to work. I left with the most amazing cut and color and no signs of any pumpkin disaster. Thank you Charlene! Lovin' my new do!"
-Kryssondra Burke, Client
"Congratulations! You have found your new stylist!​
Charlene is an artist. She listens and can execute the perfect haircut,
just for you.
Call today and make your appointment. You will be thrilled. I promise."
-Maureen Hanlin, Client

"The best -- BEST -- haircut I have ever had.  And I'm 47 years old.  Charlene is classically trained, but she also cuts intuitively, observing the texture of your hair and the way it grows and falls.  I felt gorgeous and sassy when I left and I still feel gorgeous and sassy.  She's amazing."

-Hope Piantini, Client

"Charlene is just amazing. I am trying to grow out my hair. Instead of smothering my fine dry curly hair with bleach killing it completely like every other stylist I've ever seen has done, she used a high rise tint and it isn't white and dead looking like a Barbie doll, but is golden beachy beautiful. Not very many people understand how to cut Curly hair or long hair. People often take off too big of chunks for layering leaving me with little rat tails at the end. My hair actually feels full and healthy. We have a long ways to go before all the bleach grows out and the bottom fills out, but it already feels 95% better and looks awesome. I get so many compliments about my hair now. I don't know if it's possible for a stylist to know everything there is to know about cutting and coloring but if it is, then Charlene is the one who knows it all. I'll never go anywhere else to get my hair done. I actually love my hair now and I can wear it straight /curly/ wavy/up/down whatever and it looks good and I get compliments. There is no communication barrier, she understands what you think you want and gives you something You never knew you needed. Not in the way that other stylists say no, you need to cut off this much or no you can't do that color etc... She only lets you look gorgeous. Period."

-Katy Brown, Client

"Charlene is a brillant artist when it comes to hair and style!!!"

-Lisa Hill Yenny, Client


"Charlene designed me the best haircut that I've had in years!  It is easy care for me, which is very important, but also very stylish and flattering.  The price was reasonable as well.  Charlene was also able to advise me on appropriate products to maintain the style.  I will definitely be back."

- Norma Willis, Client


"Jaymie has been so amazing. The care that she puts into her work and time is amazing. She has never disappointed."

-Kayla P., Client


"I moved to Vancouver two years ago from California. I had gone to the same hair stylist for twenty years before moving here. Finding a new person to do your hair is not easy. I must have visited five or six different people in the area (who didn't do a very good job) before taking the advice of a neighbor to see Charlene. Charlene immediately trimmed my hair into a more attractive/manageable style and gave me a plan for a style that I want to grow into. Charlene is precise in her cuts and knows what she is doing. I also love what she has done with the color. I'm thrilled to have found Charlene in Vancouver!"

-Tina Marks, Client

"Jaymie has been so amazing. The care that she puts into her work and time is amazing. She has never disappointed."

-Kayla P., Client

"I have been looking for a great hairsylist ever since I moved to Vancouver a year and a half ago and I have finally found her! Kiersten was amazing! She is friendly and she took the time to really listen to what I wanted and needed. I have longer hair that is curly and has some texture issues. Kiersten nailed it both with her cutting/layering technique and on the color with highlights! The salon environment is nice, modern and bright...without being uppity. It is conveniently located with plenty of free parking and the prices are very fair, too. Kiersten also gave my teenage daughter a fabulous haircut recently. We're both very pleased. Thank you!"

-Jill H., Client

"Jaymie thinned my hair to perfection and brought back my new hotness!  If anyone out there needs a de-bulking session go see her!  She has a technique that not many other stylists use and it blends perfectly.  I now have a fantastic new do with a hint of edge with an asymmetrical bang. Love it!"

Janette F., Client

This is a review for the stylist - Kiersten:
"Let me start by saying I am not a girly girl and going to salons is NOT something I enjoy. I do however need occasional help with my hair. I moved out of PDX a while back & I needed to find a stylist who could help me maintain my hair as I grow it back out. I read good reviews of Halo on yelp so I called and made an appointment with one of there lower cost stylists.
Kiersten was very friendly, not overly chatty and listened to what I was trying to accomplish with my hair. She was able to give my super fine hair a very nice cut and trimmed my straight bangs very well. I have been back for a free bang trim once since my haircut. I was very pleased with the results and i will definitely be back. They have very reasonable rates for their stylists which for me is very important. YAY!"



"Charlene is amazing! I've been going to her for several years and am constantly changing my length, style, and color. I've had almost blond, almost black, brown, and many shades of red hair, and it's been ear length, waist length, and everything in between. She never ceases to amaze me! I moved a few hours away and went to a few different stylists here to try to find someone closer to my home, but even those with killer reviews that came recommended by people I knew just didn't come close to the level of skill that Charlene has. She belongs in L.A. or New York, but Vancouver is lucky enough to call her their own.

Seriously, I always have to walk around with a sizable stack of her cards since I'm asked so often who I go to. Do yourself a favor and schedule in with Charlene!"

​-Liz Apostolis, client

"Best haircut.. OF MY LIFE"

-Matt Brown, Client

"Charlene has colored my hair for many years and I am always told how beautiful my color is!"

-Dawn Nesbitt, Client

"Charlene Bancel does amazing work and is a joy to spend time with!"

-Donna Kelly, Client

"Charlene's creativity is amazing!  A true artist indeed. Thank you Charlene for years of coloring and styling my ever changing hair. 5 stars really is not enough."

​-Danita Thompson, Client


"I moved from Seattle area to Vancouver, WA in 2009. It took me 2 1/2 years to find the "pearl" who does my hair since then.  I first asked my neighbor if she will share with me the name of her/his stylist because she always looks perfect. She recommended me Charlene at Halo Designs for a consultation.  She looked at me and right away she told me what she will do to makes me feel "Beautiful" and she was right. Since April 2011, Halo Designs makes me feel "Beautiful", color, cut, styling.  I always have many compliments. 
Charlene is very...very.. professional, she is an artist  and she loves her career; it shows! She is also well represented by Katy who does a wonderful job making you feel at home, she is the best, caring and hard working, also the new addition to the Salon, Amber who is will be doing "miracles" for your hair for customers like me who needs a lot of work, because Charlene choosed her.
Halo Designs is a place who knows your needs and they go to any lengths to meet your special requests even at the last minute.
Trust me, you are not a number at Halo Designs, you are a guest, this is how I feels every time I go there and that's why I am always looking forward to my next visit.
Thank You Charlene to make me feel "Beautiful" ! "

-Johanne Godbout, Client





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