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One of the most recurring questions we hear is, "Should I get bangs?"

A new "fringe" is a great way to instantly change your look.  We can help you decide which style looks best on you based on your face shape, current trends,lifestyle, hair type and personal style.

Blunt bangs work well on longer face shapes and softer side-swept styles work on most face shapes.

We always take into consideration your lifestyle. How long do you spend styling your hair? Bangs are added maintenance do you have an extra 2-8 minutes a day to spend styling your bangs? If you have curly hair or cowlicks it can take longer to style. 


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You've just invested in beautiful color, how do you ensure bold and shiny color until your next appointment?  

One answer is a personal prescription of  professional hair care products.

Always use shampoo and conditioner with a color guard system.

Another option is locking in your color with an elumen glaze over the top of your color to add a layer of protection. If you have extra bold color like the show-stopping red above use elumen wash to keep the pigments fresh.

If you spend time in the sun you should use UV protective spray to prevent fading and discoloration. 

If you swim or have hard water we recommend using a clarifying treatment to remove deposits that can damage or change hair color.
​Soaking your hair in fresh water prior to swimming prevents the hair from soaking up water treated with chlorine or salt water.


Our Dry Shampoo is a game changer for anyone dealing with oily hair or in need of a quick refresh. This product absorbs oil, adds texture, body, and volume to all hair types. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to a quick, effortless boost with our Dry Shampoo.


Ombre is a great option if you are transitioning into a different color, want to eliminate high maintenance root touch ups, or just want to stay on trend. Ombre doesn't have to be done with blonde highlights and should never be done with box hair color to resemble a dip dye, this defeats the entire purpose of ombre, the maintenance remains the same because the grow out is so apparent and dip-dying lacks the depth that professioinal color with strategic placement can give. Our model in the photo above transitioned her blue peek-a-boo highlights to pink and the effect is a gorgeous cascade from blue to violet to pink. This is a beautiful and creative way to change hair color making the transition look intentional and artistic. It can be done with the more natural organic colors or vibrant neon colors as shown above.


If your hair is curly, nature is already working hard to keep your hair dryer than your straight-haired comrades; making it frizzy, dull and worst of all prone to breakage.  

The picture above shows a straight hair cuticle compared to a curly hair cuticle. The cuticle layers on the straight hair lay flat while those on the curly hair bend making the hair vulnerable. The goal is to deliver moisture and flatten those layers. 
-One of the first steps is high quality hair color and/or gloss to help seal the cuticle layer, add shine and protect from the elements.
-Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner and at least once a week apply a deep conditioning treatment. We have a incredible array of treatments ,and your stylist will work with you to recommend the perfect choice for your unique hair type.

-After shampooing, use a leave in conditioner to help with frizz  and texture. We love Olaplex #6 ($30)

- A mistake that curly hair folks make is touching their hair too much DO NOT BRUSH, COMB, or RUN FINGERS EXCESSIVELY THROUGH HAIR without adding a product..
-For styling use a curl shaping cream we recommend R+Co Turntable($34) or Oribe's Styling Butter ($46)and a diffuser (you know, that huge apparatus you attach to your blow dryer) to accentuate your naturally beautiful and enviable curls.


Growing out your  grey can be a big decision for men and women alike. Society's standards expect women to look "forever young" and the media has marginalized white or grey haired women as "old maids" making women feel undesirable if they grow out their hair. Not to mention for some men and women aging is a tough pill to swallow. 

However now is the time to be a greying man/woman! Celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne have either tried to get their hair as close to grey as they can or have wigs made out of silver or white hair!

We are seeing more and more beautiful women embrace their elegant grey with fun flirty cuts making it sexy and powerful. This trend is on the rise as women continuosly challenge society's and the media's standards for beauty with celebrities joining the fight, greying hair is on the rise as a natural trend. Even the most talented hair dressers cannot create a synthetic grey comparable to the natural shades. Once you make the decision to go for it, there are a few steps you should take to make sure your color is as vibrant as it can be.

-A glossing treatment to add shine and even out the tone of your grey is a wonderful way to keep your color beautiful and costs much less and requires much less maintenance than constantly touching up your roots!!

-If you swim or have hard water and notice that your grey or white is taking on a yellow/green tint use a clarifying spray to clean out those mineral deposits. We recommend The Cleanse by Oribe ($44)  Glossing treatments can also remedy the discoloration caused by impure water.


Extensions are a dynamic way to add length, fullness, and even color to your hair! Most of the time when we see women with long luxurious hair extensions are their secret weapon! (Think Kim Kardashian and Victoria's Secret Models) Let's face it, when we color and heat style our hair our ends are usually less than perfect you may get length but not fullness. Our model above doesn't have added length with the extensions but added fullness. Another thing we are seeing more of are clients coming in asking for peek-a-boo, ombre, & highlights but don't want to jeopardize their long hair! By Strategically placing colored extensions throughout the hair highlights are added with no color necessary! 

At Halo Designs We use Micro-Link Extensions because we've found their technology to be the best quality their longevity and integrity surpassing sew-ins tape ins and other types of hair extensions. Unlike other extensions micro-link attaches directly to the hair with a bead causing no damage to the hair. Individual bead method is more natural looking, longer lasting and is easier to dry than traditional extensions which can end up holding in moisture and molding... YUCK!!! Also Micro-link extensions last up to  2-4 months as opposed to one month with traditional extensions. Micro-link extensions are the most cost and time effective extensions on the market today!!

The first thing you should ask yourself when considering hair extensions should be, Do I want to commit the extra time to care for and maintain my investment? (See below for detailed care regimen of extensions)   Your stylist should go over in detail the guidelines and care instructions for your hair extensions upon consultation before you commit to going all the way... Once you have your extensions your  Halo Designs stylist will send you home with care instructions if your dog eats it or it ends up in recycling, you can refer to our care instructions below;

-Proper care and maintenance of your  newly installed hair extensions is of utmost importance to ensure the best possible experience.

-You will need to completely avoid chlorinated & salt water and any other chemicals that may damage your extensions.

-Some slippage and shedding can be expected and is normal.

-The timelines for reapplying the hair to maintain the proper finish is between 2-4 months depending on the individual.

-Proper cleansing, brushing and loose braiding when showering and sleeping will extend the life of your extensions.

-ANY color or chemical treatment performed on your extensions professional or at home can ruin (if not damage entirely) your extensions... SO DON"T DO IT!!! The chemical history of the extensions is unknown to your stylist and the outcome of any chemical service is NOT GUARANTEED!!!  


Everyone is asking, "How did you get that look? What did you use on their hair to make it do that?"
So our always helpful stylists have detailed out the answers...
-We began with Number 4 High Performance Hair Care's Hydrating Wash & Conditioner.
-On towel Dried Hair, we prepped with Number 4's Prep & Protect Spray, it's a quick detangler and ensures styling products go on easily and evenly. 
-To create her soft shining curls, we cocktailed 2 pumps of No. 4's Blowdry lotion and a pearl sized amount of No. 4's Texture Styling Cream and worked it from the bottom of hair to the top. 
-Gently diffuse on low heat/ low blow setting.
- Finish with No. 4 non-aerosol hair spray.

And Voila! You have the effortless look suited for the office, the beach, or even a night out on the town!


-For Shyanna's sleek and shiny look, we started withNumber 4 High Performance Hair Care's Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner- We love it for adding lightweight moisture and body! 
-After towel drying, We sprayed No. 4's Super Comb Prep and Protect over her hair. Not only does it de-tangle and protect from heat styling but it also protects hair from sun damage and fading with its UV color power shield which is essential in protecting vibrant colors from fading.
-Next we cocktailed one pump No. 4's blowdry lotion and one pump No. 4's Fluoro 5 Elixir Restore & Repair Oil and mixed it together in hand. We applied it mid-hair to ends and applied the remaining mixture from roots to tip. This gives the hair super shine and strong static free support. It also speeds up blow dry time!! Super Bonus!
- Then of course we blow dried hair with a paddle brush going with the direction of the hair on Medium Heat.
- We completed the look with a flat iron and voila! Straight and sleek!



Can you imagine lightening your hair, going for that big change, or even performing texture and color processes to your hair in the same day without damaging it? Neither could we, but the holy grail of hair color has arrived in form of Olaplex!!! A simple solution your Halo stylist can add to your color formula. Not only does Olaplex prevent further damage to your hair but it actually repairs damage that has already been done! Doctors Eric Pressley and Craig Hawker developed a UV activated silicone that has completely changed the face of the hairdressing industry! . Beginning next week, Halo Designs will be among the few salons pioneering this groundbreaking technology and we cannot wait to share it with our clients!
Ask your Halo Stylist about Olaplex today!
For more information on Olaplex visit

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